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: After I wrote the Becky stories, I hit upon the idea of sentient poo, and realised I could take the whole subject of scat (hate that word, never mind) to a new level. Alison and the Poo Monsters 2: Screwed By Poo - 17,800 words - added 14th April 2002 (orig.

23rd August 2000) (Scat, Panty-Pooping, Rape, Gangbang, Impregnation) : Alison falls victim to the poo monsters once more, only this time she has her brother's help.

Alison and the Lust-Crazed Army of Sentient Poo Monsters - 7,300 words - added 14th April 2002 (orig.

4th July 2000) (Scat, Panty-Pooping, Rape, Gangbang, Impregnation) NOW WITH AN ILLUSTRATION BY ASAEL!!

No, don’t fret, I’m not talking about the wonderful hardcore sex with two messy facials landing on her beautiful lips and cheeks and I’m not even talking about the shit orgy that followed it leaving her stained with the smelliest and the freshest poop she could get.

What I’m talking about here is the crazy enema action that followed the shit orgy making it even messier. It’s definitely not for the first time that I see this brunette.

This bearded daddy is someone who definitely can’t boast the highest levels of self-esteem on Earth – he knows that he’s shit and that’s exactly why he allows women to treat him like shit. If you love real dirty bisexual domination, this scat porn scene is for you.

It features a submissive plump babe and an even more submissive young skinny twink, both of whom are getting their generous share of messy coprophilous fun from their dominant male fuckmates. Oh my, just look at the pics from this kick-ass gallery!

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: Recently a fan sent me some fan-fiction he had written.9th July 1999) (Tentacle Rape, Cephalopod Bestiality, Public Humiliation, Masturbation, Scat, Fisting) : On holiday with her parents, a schoolgirl falls victim to a bizarre parasitic squid-like creature which takes up residence in her anus.Get an update on Executive Producer Steve Rankin's recovery from a fer-de-lance snake bite, and hear why the survivalists still chose to go on with their challenge in Costa Rica despite Rankin's deadly bite.She takes a small piece of shit while masturbating…because she was to bored to go to the bathroom.

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Title: Sexy lady poops to start her day Description: Sexy lady sits in the toilet bowl to take a shit to start her day.

It was brilliant, and inspired me to attempt to write another good panty-pooping scene. Accident on the Tube - 38,500 words - added 13th February 2016 (Panty-Pooping, Incest, Exhibitionism) : This is another tale that grew in the telling.

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