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11-Dec-2017 17:06

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The retail copy of Office for Mac and the Office365 Subscription service use different activation processes. The retail version will depend on what version you purchased (one or two computer install, or family pack that installs on 3 computers). The Office365 Subscription service will install on 5 computers more info. If you get a new drive or a new computer, you will need to activate again.

If you use Migration or Time Machine to move your data to a new drive you will still need to activate Office. If you choose to click on the Activate Later button, the product will run for a limited time.

Howdy, I’m super excited to announce preview of Azure AD Conditional Access policies for Exchange and Share Point Online is now available.

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Since Office 2011 was first released, Office365 subscription service was added. After you activate the software product, a specific product key is assigned to the computer hardware on which you installed the product.

Thus, to fix the issue, try the following trick: Right click on shortcut of Word 2013, Excel 2013 or Power Point 2013 in Start Menu or Start Screen, and select Run as Administrator. Alternatively, browse to the following location:32-bit: C:\Program Files (X86)\Microsoft Office\Office15 64-bit: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15And, right click on EXCEL.exe, or POWERPNT.exe, and select Run as Administrator. After reactivation, close and re-open the Office application and verify the result.

If the above trick does not solve the issue, try repairing it: LK is a technology writer for Tech Journey with background of system and network administrator.When launching an application it will remind you to activate.