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Many of them are at risk for developing mood disorders, such as anxiety or depression, especially in adolescence.Diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorders should be made by a medical expert to rule out other possible diagnoses and to discuss interventions. An individual might have all or only some of the described behaviors to have a diagnosis of AS.Posted: , Author: Uhacur Click here to look as various forums and websites worth checking out.Laurie Charlick, Brantford, ON, Canada asperger's Syndrome Guide for Teens and Young Adults and "The Asperger's Syndrome Survival Guide".

After all, there are few places in society where social rules are as crucially important and deeply entrenched as in the sphere of courtship, and being mildly autistic—or having Asperger’s Syndrome (AS), if you use the label as it was before the APA revised its diagnostic criteria last year—impairs your ability to comprehend nonverbal communication.

Their IQ’s are typically in the normal to very superior range.

They are usually educated in the mainstream, but most require special education services.

But with dating sites for disabled singles like Disability Match, meeting people is a whole new game!

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