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Rickenbacker had founded Ro-Pat-In Corp., which became Electro String, which eventually evolved into Rickenbacker International Corp.

He worked at National, and later at Dobro, and was largely responsible for the production methods that made it possible to mass-produce metal and Bakelite guitar bodies.

We do know this much: Before there was Valco, there was the National Stringed Instrument Corp., a California-based manufacturer of resonator guitars dating back to the ’20s, and the Dobro Manufacturing Co.

National created steel-bodied guitars, notably the “tri-cone,” which used three resonating metal cones to amplify the sound, and the “biscuit,” which featured a single resonating cone.

Then, as now, guitar players wanted to be heard, and that desire drove the development of these resonator guitars and the electric guitars and the amplifiers that would soon follow.

George Beauchamp, one of National’s founders, is credited by some with creating the “Frying Pan,” an electric lap steel guitar, in 1931 with Adolph Rickenbacker.

LOLLAR is also stamped on the top middle on Strats.

We use either white or black paint pens to handwrite on our pickups.

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Roaring Twenties The roots of the Supro story go back to the ’20s and the sometimes tempestuous relationship between Czech immigrant/instrument repairman/inventor John Dopyera and dapper Vaudeville musician George Beauchamp (pronounced “Beech-um”). We sometimes get requests to verify the authenticity of Lollar pickups, whether its a set that pops up on e Bay, or a used guitar that is said to be stocked with our stuff.