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Women who have one first-degree relative with breast cancer, diagnosed under the age of 40 or two first or second-degree relatives with breast cancer diagnosed over the age of 50, also have a slightly increased risk.

According to Macmillan Cancer, if a woman has only have one relative who was middle-aged or elderly when they developed ovarian cancer, or a relative with breast or ovarian cancer on each side of the family, a woman’s risk may not be significantly increased.

We've tracked down some of Degrassi High's most memorable students to see where the actors who played them have ended up nowadays. Mc Donald made a recent post on her Instagram explaining why she hasn't returned to acting, saying that the process of auditioning was just too stressful.

Mc Donald said that part of this came because she forgot why she loved being an actress in the first place, adding that she no longer approached it with the "starry eyed dreaminess" she had before.

She is also survived by her brothers Christopher, Sean, Dylan and Paris.

Hereditary cancers came to prominence earlier this year when Angelina Jolie announced that she had undergone a double mastectomy after discovering that she had faulty genes which made it much more likely that she would develop breast or ovarian cancer.

Paige panics as the pressures of school start to crush her.

If there’s anything Degrassi (recently named one of the best high school shows of all time by Paste) loves more than toying with its audience, it’s subjecting its teenage characters to repeated hardships.She also has a few more film projects lined up for the coming years, including the drama .Since leaving the series, he has cemented his status as a music superstar by constantly breaking records and earning 27 Grammy nominations and three wins in the process.If two or more of a woman’s first degree ‘blood relatives’ (i.e.

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mother, sister, daughter) have been diagnosed with ovarian or breast cancer, particularly before the age of 50, then the risk is significantly increased.While some alumni of Degrassi High weren't exactly the most memorable, others have had a lasting effect on viewers, teaching them important lessons and imparting life advice they'll take with them forever.

Police investigating an Ohio track coach fired this week for texting nude photos to underage students made another disgusting discovery inside his foul abode — a decaying “poisoned” dog being eaten by maggots, according to local reports.… continue reading »

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If you’re a regular reader, you probably knew that I was on the CBS Early Show in July. We wrote two new profile essays that were unique, funny and confident.… continue reading »

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There is no doubt that the events of The Heroes of Olympus began not on December 2010 or 2011 but solidly on December 2009.… continue reading »

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"After I got comfortable 'nexting' people I realised I would definitely next me too, I really only pause on pretty girls," he says on his video.… continue reading »

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