Is it true that taylor swift is dating a girl

22-Jan-2018 02:12

The minutiae of their relationship is up for debate and publicist's spin; We can't confirm whether they're an official item or whether this is the blossoming of a serious relationship (it's heretofore been described as just two young people having fun with each other).

But the pictures, which portray a very obvious public display of affection (some of which is denoted through locking of lips) can't lie, and neither can the choice of venue for the couple's, or non-couple's, first outing: A Los Angeles restaurant even more notorious for its waiting hive of paparazzi than its status as a date spot. And, most importantly, what does it mean for Taylor Swift 's squad? That bastion of all those #goals, full of #blessed women, both in talent and in appearance, that serves to both boost up its individual members and also to subtly remind the rest of us that, no matter what we do, we'll never have the squad.

Taylor Swift’s publicist, Tree Paine, did not return multiple requests for comment.

The column’s deletion is not entirely unprecedented.

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While we know that each and every one of Taylor’s lyrical roasts are about some real man out in the world, it can be hard for anyone but Taylor’s most dedicated stans to keep together who she’s dated and when, let alone which songs correspond to their breakup. Has Taylor Swift really been famous for the entirety of my adult life?

Still, this album was a pretty good precursor to all the take-downs of her celebrity boyfriends yet to come.