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05-Jan-2018 03:17

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I created several issue types, added them to the scheme for the project, and everything looks fine.

I also renamed the "Bug" issue type to different text because bugs are "bad".

Use this command line to update your icon: Replace "1337" with the workshop ID of your addon. id=[id here] Icon must be 512x512 JPG image (chroma 4:2:0).

You can change this text later on the workshop page of your addon, in the "Change Notes" tab.

You will probably have to replace the files with images of your choice. The first icon (Amazon payments) is actually the correct size. Chris *EDITED I incorrectly thought shopify had made this tool internally, it's been out so long since like 2012 i no longer even thought about it.

You can find sets of icons for payment and social media at the links below. The others (beginning with American Express) are one per line, filling the entire screen, one after the other, They are huge. So now got to track down the creator to let em know even though the height attribute updates correctly there are cases where the css property should be set externally as well, probably to overcome a specificity issue.

Netvibes uses a cache for all favicons (icons associated with a particular web site).

On the opened page edit title and description of your addon and click 'Save' button in the bottom right corner.

Once you have opened page with your addon, you need to find and click 'Add/edit images & videos' button on the right.

The pages provide some instructions on how to implement these icons. Hi, I've followed the advice above, but I must be placing the code in the wrong area....payment icons are still showing as pink on our website.....

For the social media icons, be sure to customize the look and choose "Brand color for each icon". Christine & Peter Goyette, elaborate, what is "real" payment icons, do you mean from Your storefront is locked others can't view what is happening. Hi Paul Our storefront is locked because we are not 'live' yet. I would appreciate any help that someone could give as to exact placement in order that they are displayed correctly as the company's colouring.... I too am experiencing problems placing the code as instructed here: https://ui-elements-generator.myshopify.com/pages/methods-of-payment#/options It says to copy & paste the code into your theme.liquid file between the but the color icons are not positioned where I want them.Apps can get stuck when you're updating or installing them.

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