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24-Aug-2017 07:06

“Ashley’s voice is something like the hyper-literate cat who just ate the auto-asphyxiating canary: she’s biting and incisive, drawing personal anecdotes into sharp perspective.” -A (truly delightful) interview with The Rumpus“It’s an embarrassing, and therefore impressive, debut, of a writer looking her subject in the eye and not blinking.

[…] In contrast to other confessional sex writing, Cardiff doesn’t feel like a shot bolt; her caustic voice, density of cognition, and tireless gag reflex (sorry) make it seem like she’s got plenty more where this came from.” -The Daily Beast Magazine (5/5 stars)“For all the fun Cardiff makes of the idiocy of her youth, she astutely notes that ‘all feelings are at once more lucid and baroque when we’re seventeen.’ It’s to Cardiff’s credit that these feelings, no matter how overwrought they were at the time, are remembered here with humor, sensitivity, and wisdom.” - (starred review)“A prodigious sense of humor helps these essays come across as something like a stand-up routine.

Porter“Ashley Cardiff is an original voice on sex, dating, culture, and surviving youth, [taking] controversial and uncomfortable topics head-on, with brass and intelligence, analyzing and dismantling our culture as we live it.

While she is outrageous, she is never unfair, and she does more than simply criticize.

The stories span her time from a precocious yungun’ in California to a disillusioned editorial assistant in New York City.

If there is anything else you need help with get in contact with Nigel, Sally and the team who will be happy to help! The results listed here include the current and previous rounds for Cardiff.We sat down with Cardiff at Shayz Lounge in Greenpoint – scene of a distasteful interaction had with an e-cigarette-smoking pickup artist in ?I’ve been surprised by the extent to which people see themselves in whatever you do.For tickets ( ) and more info, check out the link below.

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His work experience extends to the USA and the UK where he has worked directly with two British Prime Ministers and two US Presidents during their terms.… continue reading »

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