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08-Aug-2017 03:33

Decoy: I don't have a fone just this and YIM Jesus: Whats YIM Decoy: yahoo instant messenger Decoy: all my friends are on there so we chat and send pics and stuff Jesus: U have kik!?

Jesus: Ooo im sorry for ur loss :/n it was good wanna text?

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:) (06/18/13 PM): Hi babe Decoy_name (06/19/13 PM): hi Decoy_name (06/19/13 PM): wat up Decoy_name (06/19/13 PM): I got to go to store with gram bbl Decoy_name (06/19/13 PM): hola (06/19/13 PM): Yes i do babe Decoy_name (06/19/13 PM): great..

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Jesus: Im jesus im 21 from norwalk Jesus: How was fathers day !? Decoy_name (06/17/13 PM): i was just adding to mine i could addu (06/17/13 PM): I meant oks Decoy_name (06/17/13 PM): gram is hollering for me to get off computer Decoy_name (06/17/13 PM): so I gotta go Decoy_name (06/17/13 PM): talk to u soon!

Decoy: no phone Jesus: Oooo Jesus: Whats ur yahoo messenger then hun u haave a laptop right Decoy: ya I do it's decoy_name at yahoo YIM friend request received at 6-16-13 (06/16/13 PM): I know but to see how long would it take Decoy_name (06/16/13 PM): 40 mins is fine Decoy_name (06/16/13 PM): np Decoy_name (06/16/13 PM): we can talk about it later (06/17/13 PM): Idk wat u wanna do tho Decoy_name (06/17/13 PM): i thot u had ideas but if not it cool Decoy_name (06/17/13 PM): i thot u had ideas but if not it cool Decoy_name (06/17/13 PM): i can go get shower Decoy_name (06/17/13 PM): i can go get shower (06/17/13 PM): Oks hun we are official Decoy_name (06/17/13 PM): :) Decoy_name (06/17/13 PM): sometime I'd want to call u if I can get grams phone Decoy_name (06/17/13 PM): not yet tho (06/17/13 PM): No noyt yet babe Decoy_name (06/17/13 PM): ok Decoy_name (06/17/13 PM): u got a facebook?

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