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15-Nov-2017 05:51

When making use of the Content Placer tool to place Enterprise Excel files, take note of the following; Showing the import options for Word files, Excel files and Excel files in Smart Connection Make sure that the option Create Links When Placing Text and Spreadsheet Files is selected in the preferences.

Placed Excel files that are stored in Enterprise have a chain icon in the top left corner of the frame to distinguish them from placed Excel files that are saved locally. (Note that you might have to wait a few seconds.) Step 5. Although possible, modifying the content this way is not recommended and should only be seen as a quick fix in the final phase of the production process.

Uploading an Excel file to Enterprise can only be done by using Content Station, not by using In Design.

Make sure therefore to upload the Excel file first so that it is available in Smart Connection for placing on the layout.

copying linked graphics boolean : If true, copies linked graphics files to the package folder.

copying profiles boolean : If true, copies color profiles to the package folder.

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In Aperture 2.0, every preview image has been "finger-printed" with a special identifer that Apple Script scripts can use to locate the master image represented by the placed preview image.To make sure that a link exists between In Design and the Excel file, select the following preference: Preferences A new frame is automatically created. Use one of the following methods: Multiple Excel files can be placed by loading them into the so-called 'place cursor' of In Design (also known as the 'place gun').Note: When using this method, make sure that no frames are selected on the layout otherwise the content of the frame will be replaced by the Excel file. Once loaded, you can place each Excel file one-by-one or in groups until no more Excel files are available in the place cursor.updating graphics boolean : If true, updates graphics links to the package folder.

including hidden layers boolean : If true, copies fonts and links from hidden layers to the package.

PDF is the only export format that uses presets; presets can be selected in the PDF preset list box.

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