Updating repositories in ubuntu

21-Dec-2017 15:59

updating repositories in ubuntu-77

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That is the most common method for package updates and installs for these OS. The stable, old stable and testing sources are considered floating, which means they can change at any time.

The repo structure should be permanent, but if there are any changes they will be pointed out in the release posts. Typically there will be a post on the community announcing this.

More detailled information can be found on this blog post: How to upgrade to a newer release Since you probably want to upgrade to version 13, a version with long term support, I would not recommend updating the package repository entries in So you would suggest a "fresh" upgrade. My only concern is about my actual Bug Zilla installation which already holds hundreds of bugs that I must keep track of.

So first I need to learn how to backup that installation and how to restore it elsewhere.

I'd like to upgrade, but as Linux Mint upgrade page says: why upgrade?If you wish to stay with a specific release branch, then you must specify the appropriate code name on the source line.We currently use the following code names unifi3/unifi4/unifi5 but they are going to be obsoleted.PPAs (Personal Package Archives) are software repositories used by Ubuntu and some of its derivatives.

PPAs provide an easy way for developers to deliver updated software automatically to Linux users by uploading source packages to Launchpad.Or you plan to upgrade the OS to a newer version and the packages for this version weren't yet built in the PPA (to prevent errors in this situation, Ubuntu automatically disables third party PPAs when upgrading).

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