Flir hookup cam

15-Dec-2017 10:45

In recent years, Dropcam has been the leader when it comes to smart home security cameras.FLIR recently jumped in to the market with the FLIR FX wireless security camera.- Playback video saved to the device’s local storage. Please note that an upload speed of 1Mbps is required for remote video streaming.- Record video or snapshots directly to your mobile device. Up to 2 devices may connect to the system at the same time.My husband and I have tried to get this app to work since day 1 of our purchase.We downloaded the app and tried to scan the barcode and set up the password but it never asked us to enter a new password and continues to say failed to login.To configure the camera settings you also need an i2c port, although this is not required.The PCB has the same size and mount holes as the standard raspberry camera Why did you make it?

You can see an example of Rapid Recap above (that's just one dog).The FLIR Lepton™ is the most compact longwave infrared (LWIR) sensor available as an OEM product.It packs a resolution of 80 × 60 pixels into a camera body that is smaller than a dime.The camera has all these sensors built-in, and will push a notification to your devices when the limits you've set have been hit.

Motion detection is probably the most common use for a security camera, and FLIR's Smart Zone helps you narrow your focus.

This board will accept from 3-5V input and regulate it to what the Lepton Module wants.