Dating easier for women

05-Feb-2018 23:19

Shutterstock Next time you catch yourself in a whining frenzy about how annoying guys are on the single scene, and how tough it is to be a single woman, take a moment to consider all the ways dating is Shutterstock All a woman has to do to look dressed up is put on heels. Heels make leggings, jean shorts and even drawstring cargo pants look dressy.

Men, on the other hand, have to wear a very particular cut and color of jean if they’re even going to take the Shutterstock A bad date is never really a waste of time for a woman because, well, you had to eat anyways!

Shutterstock It’s perfectly acceptable for women to spray tan, wear immense amounts of makeup, wear shape-forming clothing and get literally any haircut in the world that we want.

Men have like five haircuts that are acceptable if they don’t want to be teased forever. And if they get a spray tan women will notice it from a mile away and avoid them, assuming they bat for the other team.

So why do women and girls always say I wish I were male?

Not all of them say that but most do and I just laugh.

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" But what's worse, as this reddit user found out, is that men get angry when you reject them, even if you are very nice about it.It’s so easy for them.” But I got emails, that also included pictures, from beautiful women all across the United States and Canada.These women were telling me that they are having trouble meeting men and they wanted my help.Source: Shutterstock You can take a day to respond to a guy’s text and it will generally pique his interest even more.

If a guy takes too long to get back to a woman, he could miss his window with her forever because she’ll think he is a jerk!And don't say have because we both know that's never happened.

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