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25-Jan-2018 21:40

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I'll admit, guys do say that if a girl is "on the rebound," it might be easy to hook up with her.

Rebounding occurs after someone has broken up, or even if he/she is still in a relationship.

Rebounds will usually occur around six weeks after the initial break up.

They are less committed initially, though will often progress quickly as the heartbroken party seeks to quickly recapture and replace the level of intimacy they had with their ex.

Do a few self-checks to determine if you're relationship is real, or if it's just a rebound.

The experience of breaking up with a long term lover is perhaps best summarized in one of Michael Jackson’s most immortal lyrics: ‘Bad.

Rebounds are not a new concept; in fact, the term dates back to the 1830’s, when author Mary Russell Mitford wrote that there was “nothing so easy as catching a heart on the rebound”.

On some level, you belong together, as friends, as fuckbuddies, as soulmates… Online dating is a wonderful thing, but the causality of it can involve some heartbreaking hiccups.

Those of us who are released back into the dating world can react in different ways.

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