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Dating or being married to a chef, as anyone who is or has done so will tell you, can be trying. Bazooka lives with not one but two chefs: David and Anna Posey, the husband-wife team and Blackbird/Publican alumni who are opening a restaurant, Elske, on Randolph Street this fall. Basically, they enjoy eating, and are easy to train as a result.

Or in the case of Bazooka, a 10-year-old beagle mix living in Lakeview, . “He must love to eat,” a passerby said when Bazooka was on a walk last week. Tyler Williams of Banfield Pet Hospital in Lincoln Park.

Lap dance clubs are everywhere these days but when a curious Laurie Taylor wanted to visit a striptease venue in his youth he had to travel 200 miles, and the experience couldn't have been less erotic.

As soon as Jim and I learned that there were clubs in London where ladies took all their clothes off we began to make plans for the trip.

Antenne Books began by working with publishers Aki Books, Hassla, Nieves, Seems and The Institute of Social Hypocrisy, introducing retailers to publications that had, until then, rarely been available in Europe.

Antenne Books now represents publishers from the UK, Europe, USA and Japan and distributes to a wide selection of bookshops and specialist retailers throughout Europe.

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It took a few years of bumping into each other at a mutual friend’s parties before Ryan finally asked her on a date.In the last decade, independent publishing rapidly grew, with many emerging publishers utilising new technologies and the ability to produce books on small scales and at low costs.

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Ted Mercer (father) Rebecca Sewell (mother)Sutton Mercer (twin sister) Laurel Mercer (paternal half-sister)Charlotte Chamberlin (maternal cousin)Phyllis Chamberlin (maternal aunt)Jordan Lyle (step-brother)Madeline Rybak (step-sister)Thayer Rybak (step-brother)Alec Rybak (step-father)Charlotte Chamberlin's Father (maternal uncle) Emma Becker is the twin sister of Sutton Mercer, and the girlfriend of Thayer Rybak later confessed she still has feelings for Ethan Whitehorse.… continue reading »

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Jamison Fawkes has somehow managed to get through the past few months in his slum of an apartment without noticing that an internationally-renowned DJ lives just upstairs from him. Va/Junkrat/Lúcio as a friendship and other implications.… continue reading »

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