Sunye dating

07-Jan-2018 14:12

now i wish that all idols could date openly even my beloved OPPAs.

once the fans get over it, it'll be more acceptable.

that mean they slap the hater's face who say they are not talent, ok?

and i know the girls group you are talking about, and did i say they are not talent?? we well see, they will compose their own song in the future.

In July 2014, Yeeun made her debut as a solo artist with the EP Me? In January 2007, Yeeun was revealed as the fifth member of Wonder Girls. She also composed several songs in the Wonder Girls' recent albums such as "G. O (Girl's Night Out)" from their sophomore album and "Wonder World".

Sun was one of the longest serving trainees at JYP Entertainment, along with Jo Kwon of 2AM and Min of miss A.Yenny visited Sunye's second daughter on her first birthday with a load of presents to congratulate her.Min Sun-ye (Korean: 민선예, born August 12, 1989), also known as Sunye or Sun (stylized as Sun Ye), is a South Korean missionary and former singer and actress (on hiatus).Pre-order for the album begins today and if you pre-order, you get a few extras including a poster and an extra photo card.

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I am proud jihyo and chaeyoung write the lyrics in this album, i am so proud, ppl always say they are not talent, well, let's see,,, they are follow their senior footstep, BTW former wg member yeeun also write the lyric for them, i am so proud. I never said they were not talented u we're butthurt and jumped said it yourself, all I said means not writing songs and focusing on other things to improve is way better than writing bad lyrics examples Dia and Pristine and when pristine song flopped their fans protected them by saying it's okay at least they wrote the song, no it's not okay, it doesn't make u better if u write bad songs it just makes u a terrible song writer and that's definitely NOT a bonus Doesn't mean anything??What I want to say is, there's people against him but there's MORE people support him.

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