Validating forum set Hotchatdirect a l i c e

17-Jan-2018 18:11

I have tested and understand that inputs containing any of these are ignored, so if they're hidden in a dynamic form and have this attribute, they won't be validated.

May i know how to validate the percentage subquestion.

Keep discussion of existing tools within the main thread for that tool. Have a look at the complete list of validations for the list of params and their description: forum link For example, to create a custom check 'Street name with a dot (excluding Ramps)', add the following lines: Install Tampermonkey for Chrome: Web Storea) copy your script to the clipboard (Ctrl C)b) click Tampermonkey icon in Chromec) from the drop-down menu select "Add a new script"d) in the script editor select all (Ctrl A) and paste your script instead (Ctrl V)e) click "Save" (not "Save to disc")Install Greasemonkey for Firefox: Add-Onsa) copy your script to the clipboard (Ctrl C)b) click Greasemonkey icon in Firefoxc) from the drop-down menu select "New user script"d) click "Use script from clipboard" buttone) click "Save"Reload the page, click Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey icon and make sure your script is there. There are two ways to distribute your localization package:1.