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Then download and extract the drools-examples zip file, which includes an already created Eclipse project. The rules all have example classes that execute the rules.If you want to try the examples in another project (or another IDE) then you will need to set up the dependencies by hand, of course.So why is it that adding sex to a dating relationship has such an opposite effect?If you draw a circle around all that represents a simple dating relationship, there should be good things inside that circle.Virtually everyone who has a smartphone knows what Tinder is.It is a rather simple dating app, in which you have to swipe person’s profile photo to one or another direction, depending if you like it or not.

This researched included 1,044 female and 273 male undergraduates, who had to answer some questions about using Tinder.Things like trust, commitment, shared values, communication, and respect.Calendar now = Instance(); month = now.get(Calendar. YEAR); println("Month " month " year " year); Simple Date Format dt1 = new Simple Date Format("MMMM YYYY"); Monthn Year(dt1.format(Time())); In this way, you are judging the book by its cover – people choose their mates according to their appearance, which is why scientists thought females would be affected more.

Trent Petrie, one of the authors of the study, said: “We thought females would the most strongly, and adversely, be affected by using Tinder, particularly given the extent to which women adopt societal beauty ideals.Multiple packages of different namespaces can be added to the same Knowledge Base.