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In his photo series Swedish Dads, Johan Bävman documents men who take advantage of Sweden's comparatively generous paternity-leave legislation to spend more time with their babies than the average father."The current system allows parents to stay at home with their child for 480 days in total," says Bävman, "whilst receiving an allowance from the state."Out of these 480 days, 60 must be taken by the father or else are lost."In spite of the generous allowance and bonus, Bävman says that only 12% of Swedish fathers share the 480 days of parental leave equally with their partners."I started this project when I was home with my own son.

I had a hard time finding anything that was written for me as a father.

It was obvious to my partner and I that we would split parental leave equally.

Had I not had the opportunity to be at home with our son for almost a year, I would probably not have known who he is as a person and what his needs are.

Le cas délicat d'un tyran africain, que Chase choisit de tuer en lui administrant un traitement déconseillé, a un impact lourd sur l'équipe.

Our son Holger was diaper-free at the age of 4 months, something we both worked really hard on during the first months, and which I am very proud of today.