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Click to play the internet rap playlist specially commissioned for the issue Two years ago a video surfaced online of a not-entirely-confident-looking Scandinavian teenager in a bucket hat and windbreaker rapping about “peeing on old people’s houses” over a loop of new-age singing and rattling drum machine beats.

Now boasting more than four million You Tube views, “Ginseng Strip 2002” introduced the world to Yung Lean, the 18-year-old Swede at the epicenter of the nebulous movement that might be dubbed internet rap.

Finally I like Hiroshi but no pic for him because the pics are right here. Animated Lust rated PG Fem Gri La he's the only straight guy I know of in Gravi but I know he's loves Yuki's fiancee but I can admire him can't I? He's gets his friends into all sorts of crazy schemes but does his best to be a good friend when they're in trouble. Finally can't leave this shounen ai segment without. I know it isn't really shounen ai but it has some innuendo to keep me hoping and thongs...

The above pic features Sukisho one all time fav shounen ai! By the first few minutes of the first episode there was fanservice, a love scene, a shower scene, and slapstick comedy!

Just as in previous Persona games, the teens must unleash Personas to unlock special powers and abilities. Gen accompanies the king's magus on a quest to steal an unnamed legendary object.

Throughout this charming tale, we find Gen to be both amusing and stunningly clever.

And as of February 2017, Bumble had approximately 12.5 Bumble is the first matchmaking app to have a friends-only feature, and Bumble BFF registered more than 1 million swipes in its first week.

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There’s not that much separating the music videos for viral hits from Yung Lean’s own early videos—the former aims for slickness but falls a few notches short, while the latter accepts the impossibility of looking professional, playing around with low-resolution digital images and VHS-style filters instead.In their ersatz digital synths and obsessions with Japanese characters and the anonymous Asian metropolis, there’s a connection between internet rap and vaporwave, the intentionally unsettling ambient music that critic Adam Harper links to critiques of accelerated capitalism.

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