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The commander flaunted him the way a ringmaster exhibits an exotic animal.

“See my beautiful bacha (boy slave),” he said, blithe and casual, a gun dangling at his side.

President Trump cursed mildly, taunted President Obama, and reminisced at length about Nov.

8 (“that incredible night with the maps”) while speaking to a crowd of Boy Scouts in West Virginia on Monday night.

On its open roof, a slight teenager sat next to his hulking captor, stealing sad glances at me as he quietly filled our tea glasses.

A shock of auburn curls jutted out of his embroidered pillbox hat and his milky eyes were lined with kohl.

A man has been arrested after he allegedly made plans to meet up with a 14-year-old boy for se.

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She added: We decided we needed to take another look when we learned recently that a Kent man was preparing to sue now-Mayor Murray.

Levitt was the creator of midcentury housing developments known for affordable and nearly identical houses.