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17-Oct-2017 07:35

Growing up in New York City, my mom was a competitive figure skater who dreamed of Olympic gold.

But in college, when she didn't make the Olympic team, she traded in her skates for a plane ticket to Paris.

You try winning a style argument with someone who's dressed Jessica Simpson, Keira Knightley, and Alicia Keys!

To my mother's delight, the Vera Wang style is growing on me, but I've learned that what makes her so successful isn't just her fashion sense; it's actually the hard work and dedication she puts into every part of her business.

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Some crews have “Friendsgiving,” others spend the holidays trimming each other’s trees, but longtime “Laguna Beach” pals Lauren Conrad and Trey Phillips have the tried and true tradition of strappin’ on some skates and zooming around freshly zambonied ice! The old friends hit up New York’s Bryant Park recently, reviving their new-ish tradition of ice skating in December, and we don’t doubt that the two spent the night catching up on all the turns their fabulous lives have taken (LC’S GETTING’ MARRIED, Y’ALL!!!

Vera Wang wedding gowns were also worn by the characters in the "Sex and the City" TV show and films.