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-————————– Here I will describe how I adapted a High Definition (720p) web cam to a reflector telescope. There are various things to consider before you buy a webcam to capture video or take pictures with your telescope.

You will excuse technicalities but everything will be simpler later on: If you ask a professional astrophotographer, the list goes on and on.

Details about each method and the accessories needed are described below.

The prime focus method involves replacing the web camera’s lens with the lens (or mirror) of a telescope.

It has the all-important mechanical auto-focus and runs -0.

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It’s designed for group conferencing and has built-in omni-directional speaker phones, remote control, and 8 feet of cord length compared with the Orbit’s 6 feet.

Aside from embedded cameras of dubious quality, there is a wide selection of external cams employed in webinars and video lectures.

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