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The world-wide TV coverage also includes Dorna’s Moto GP Multiscreen offering, which streams signals from varying cameras on- and around the track, including on-board footage during sessions. Using internet platforms, mobile apps, as well as adding this to their TV coverage are Sky Italia, Movistar, Telecinco, BT Sport, Ten Sports (India), as well Eurosport Discovery and Fox Sports in their cross-border coverage.Dorna Sports announced that the 2016 Moto GP™ season will reach 90 networks in 207 territories showing the 18-races.There are no restrictions on the motorways or on the state road 1 (Karlovac-Knin-Sinj).With the sunny and dry weather, more and more cyclists and motorists are on the roads.And this is directly that, what we are able to admit, while looking on this country with help of outside cameras: huge parking sides with the most expensive cars staying there; big and luxury houses with pools and own bowling track; a families all the members of which have own cars from their teens; private boats and aircrafts.We do even think from time to time, that the most remote sides of the country are completely lively.

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