Snape and lily dating

09-Feb-2018 01:32

He’s tortured, which gives us an emotional investment in his progression.

He was bullied in school, which we can all relate to—most kids have born the brunt of teasing at some point in their lives.

As a child, Severus was apparently neglected and his parents often fought with one another.

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Because it makes more sense to me to see Severus Snape’s tale as a cautionary one, a list of “What Not To Do” when life deals you the bottom of the deck.

He suffers a great deal, absolutely—but every time chooses to handle his pain and grief in a way that is further damaging to others. And it hits home because we’ve all been there, all know what it feels like to care for someone who isn’t giving you the time of day, or at least not the kind of attention you’d prefer.

Even now, atop her pale blonde hair, she wore a silver circlet with a crystal pendant charm sparkling on her forehead and earrings made of what looked like beetle wings.

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"This is it," Lily whispered, a sparkle in her green eyes.

As a Harry Potter fan I usually keep this to myself because Snape fans are a little rabid and also he’s played by Alan Rickman on film, and speaking poorly of any Rickman-played character is probably a criminal offense in most countries. I understand why he has the following that he does, why he garners so much love and empathy.