Consolidating emails to one gmail account

17-Sep-2017 07:30

consolidating emails to one gmail account-17

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By showing all the emails from two different labels, you can assign all the emails in the search results to a new label, effectively merging the labels together.

This can help you group your business emails into a general category even if they are assigned different labels. Go to your Gmail inbox and type the following in the Search box: label:name OR label:name2 Replace "name" and "name2" with the names of the labels you wish to merge.

By this, you can check all your emails from one place.

You can also send emails using your different email addresses from the same Gmail account.

The accounts would all need to support Webmail access.

You might also need to access your email from different locations and on several devices.If the email accounts are from different email providers then you can open all mailboxes at the same time, each in a separate browser tab as shown in the screen shot below: If you have multiple accounts from the same provider i.e.