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Like the other variants, the helmet gives the effect "Red Scare", which gives the player low visibility sight whilst in sneak mode between PM to AM or while indoors.

This will toggle from on to off once you exit sneak mode.

Do spend a lot of time on Facebook chatting with friends and checking out photos?

The Microsoft Elite Wireless Controller is a sports car.It is also significantly more durable than the other variants.Its effect "Riot's Ruin" grants a 10 bonus to Guns, a 1 bonus to Charisma and bonus of 5% to critical chance.Probably modified over time, this armor variant was the personal equipment of an important NCR riot control officer in the Divide, supervising the NCR riot operation in the Third Street Municipal Building before the destruction of the Divide.

It provides the highest level of protection of the riot gears, but is also the lightest.

A cardboard-sheathed compartment containing the power brick, power and HDMI cables, Xbox Live chat headset, and braided 8-foot USB cable for the controller is on the left half of the tray.