Validating null value in pl sql

31-Jan-2018 04:48

PUT_LINE(w x y z); END; / DECLARE a NUMBER := 4; b NUMBER := 7; plsql_block VARCHAR2(100); BEGIN plsql_block := 'BEGIN calc_stats(:x, :x, :y, :x); END;'; EXECUTE IMMEDIATE plsql_block USING a, b; package defines an entity called a SQL cursor number.Because the SQL cursor number is a PL/SQL integer, you can pass it across call boundaries and store a programming methodology for generating and executing SQL statements at run time.

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You define CTEs by adding a WITH clause directly before your SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, or MERGE statement.To convert decimal degrees to radians, multiply the number of degrees by pi/180 = 0.017453293 radians/degrees.*/ v Lat1Rad := p Lat1 * 0.017453293; v Lat2Rad := p Lat2 * 0.017453293; v Lon1Rad := p Lon1 * 0.017453293; v Lon2Rad := p Lon2 * 0.017453293; v Lon := v Lon2Rad - v Lon1Rad; v Lat := v Lat2Rad - v Lat1Rad; a := POWER(SIN(v Lat/2),2) COS(v Lat1Rad) * COS(v Lat2Rad) * POWER(SIN(v Lon/2),2); /* The intermediate result c is the great circle distance in radians.There is even an overhead in calling the most simple PL/SQL-only functions from within PL/SQL.

Oracle developers have tended to address this performance issue in different ways: Oracle 11g attempts to address the cost of calling PL/SQL functions in two key ways.Inverse trigonometric functions return results expressed in radians.

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