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08-Feb-2018 00:37

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It was printed to be distributed among the Soviet citizens of Ukraine who were some of the many millions of displaced persons thruout Europe at the end of WW2.

The American occupation forces considered the edition to be propaganda printed on illegal presses, & handed 1,500 confiscated copies of Animal Farm over to the Soviet authorities.

That much is clear from the very opening, staged as the clock ominously tolls thirteen as in the novel’s celebrated opening sentence.

We’re in the late 21st century and a clutch of people — possibly some kind of book group — are discussing the novel’s ideas, an idea that chimes perfectly with Orwell’s appendix which investigates everything in the preceding text.

Far from being a shallow postmodern device, this adds a further layer of creepiness to the tale, allowing us to see the nightmare as something not in the future but in the near past.

Among the group is the increasingly anguished Winston (Mark Arends) whose story then unfolds as he meets and falls for Julia, behaviour made illegal by the state.

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Although there can scarcely have been a time when the warnings of “1984” didn’t feel urgent, Edward Snowden’s revelations about present-day governmental monitoring of private behavior have turned George Orwell’s dystopia into near documentary.Was wounded and discharged in 1937 1937 Road to Wigan Pier published 1938 Homage to Catalonia published 1939 Coming up for Air published 1940 Inside the Whale, and Other Essays published1940 Started writing reviews for Time and Tide and Tribune.Joined the Home Guard 1941-43 Worked as a producer for the BBC, in charge of broadcasting in India and Southeast Asia 1942 Started contributing articles and reviews to The Observer1943 Began writing reviews for the Manchester Evening News1943-46 Literary Editor of Tribune1944 Adopted one-month old child, Richard Horatio Blair 1945 Animal Farm published 1945 Eileen Blair died during a minor operation 1947 On island of Jura in the Inner Hebrides works on Nineteen Eighty-Four.Director and writer Robert Icke and Duncan Macmillan’s startling stage treatment of the material was conceived pre-Snowden and, to its immense credit, its success isn’t due to its immediate relevance.

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The inventiveness of the production’s approach and stagecraft make for a vivid adaptation as accomplished as it is audacious.The result is the best-written and most comprehensive Orwell biography to date — which means it suffers only by comparison with Orwell's own work.

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