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01-Oct-2017 07:44

Patti has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Rachel Ray, CNN, The Today Show, and more!Known as "America's Matchmaker" …Author, dating coach and star of A&E's critically acclaimed "Confessions of a Matchmaker": Meet Patti Novak!Then I really get into their preferences and goals during a 60- to 90-minute interview. If three out of the six women I’ve sent a guy on a date with say he dressed sloppy, well, he probably dresses sloppy half the time. I try to help them become a little softer, more approachable. By choosing to not let [those walls] down, they’re choosing to not have love.

Therapists talks to other therapists when they need help. I’ve never met a respected expert who thinks they’re flawless. Anyway, I recently talked to my psychic therapist, Tara Sutphen.

It all starts with introducing yourself to Patti; she’ll work with you to develop your relationship potential!

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Known as "America's Matchmaker", author, dating coach and star of A&E's critically acclaimed "Confessions of a Matchmaker", Patti Novak's expertise has helped singles of the Las Vegas Valley and across the nation find love the right way.

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