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07-Feb-2018 05:23

The last issue can be easily avoided by adding a feature dependency to ensure the required feature is activated before we deploy our custom site column.With this information we can use the following steps to deploy managed metadata fields that avoid these issues.I’ve also created an example project that I’ve included at the end of the article if you want to see this working for yourself.Create a managed metadata field The first step is to create a site column using the Field element with a Type of either Taxonomy Field Type (allowing a single selection) or Type Taxonomy Field Type Multi (allowing multiple selections if you also set Mult=”True”).When creating an event from a calendar you can usually only use a text box to specify the location of an event. Use the “Set Field in Current Item” action in the workflow.This is because the location column is sealed and you cannot change the field type of this column. Please note that if you use the Calendar E-Mail Extension and enter attendees when scheduling the event, these attendees will receive two invitations.

SPWeb Event Receiver Web Adding: event arises prior to a fresh web site is created, we can control the website to create or not to create by Web Adding event, then no Share Point site is created and the provisioning process is not started. You can then use an event receiver to set the location based on your custom location in Item Adding and Item Updating. Create an additional location column which has its type set to choice and then add all the desired locations.However, if you wish to use a dropdown to select the location, there are 3 possible options to achieve this. Get Field By Internal Name("Location") $my Ass = [Reflection. One without a location and then an update with the correct location.

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Use the following Share Point power shell script to change the seal property of the location column: Replace “yoursite” and “Your Calendar” with your own site address and calendar name.$web = Get-SPWeb $list = $web. To prevent this from happening you should change the default value of the “Activate Event” column to “No” so that attendees will not receive any invitations.To recap on the previous post we are aiming to avoid the following problems when creating Share Point 2010 taxonomy fields through features: We found the first problem was due to a missing note field when creating a list definition that used the site column.

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