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10-Jan-2018 23:14

When an RVer suddenly finds himself or herself alone it can be overwhelming in so many ways.The thought of RVing without your significant other may seem impossible.We invite you to visit and join our local Chapter after joining the National Organization. Chapters offer campouts, frequently at full hookup campgrounds with amenities and planned singles activities. Maybe someday my ‘biological clock’ or whatever will kick in and my views will shift radically, but the older I get without it happening the slimmer I believe the chances to be.For some reason, this answer often seems to trouble those who are happily married and have kids.I get this frequently on the road (often from older couples on their way to visit children/grandchildren in other states).It’s a hard question to answer not because my feelings are mixed, but because it seems like the majority of people just can’t understand that there are women out there like me who really don’t need a significant other in their lives to be happy and have no urge, whatsoever, to have children. I was a tomboy growing up and had no interest in dolls or playing house.

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:-) Are there any resources out there that can help single hikers meet?It doesn’t have to be, although some say they feel like fifth wheels when in groups made up of couples.Many single RVers belong to RV clubs for singles, which may lead to finding new travel partners or others with the same interests.I never sat around with friends in high school discussing which boys were “hot” or who I wanted to date.

When I was a young adult and people asked if I wanted kids someday I’d say “I don’t think I ever will, but I suppose that could change.” And that’s still my answer today.Just trying to come up with options or see how others couples met through their love of backpacking. Louis, looking to find someone who understands this whole active lifestyle/backpacking thing that so many of us here enjoy. I met someone who is new to back packing and wants me to show her what I know. On the other hand it might be unrealistic to expect a romantic partner to have the same love of hiking you do.