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28-Nov-2017 17:39

It’ll be interesting to see how Sony respond to this matter, although we can only assume they’ll state that their going to ban the user in question from using the streaming service.

Earlier in the week, Twitch announced that it would be cracking down on non-gaming streams after a spate of inappropriate content.

All that will change in a couple of days when the PS4 lands in the outstretched arms of millions of clamouring gamers, but here’s a head-start cheat sheet of 20 things you might not know about the newest member of the Play Station family.

Livestream updated its i Phone app today to link your phone to your Go Pro's wifi network.

People stream their video games all the time, it’s hard to know if and when any of these people may just strip their kit off and get down to business…

Sony can’t watch all the live streams at once after all.

A Russian couple decided it would be a kinky idea to broadcast 20 minutes of them getting down to business to a chatroom of around 1000 people, going as far as performing various sex acts on each other, and even tweaking the camera half way through to give people a better view.

The couple obviously knew what they were doing, you don’t accidentally setup a video stream from your Play Station 4, and if you didn’t know it was sending a live video feed to a thousand spectators you wouldn’t turn and smile at the camera from time to time as the users, going by the handle “g12051992”, reportedly did.150 comments, 1000 viewers and 20 minutes later the show was over, but it has left Sony under fire from Heike Diaferia, the Executive Director of Stop Porn Culture, who has slammed Sony for allowing such explicit content to be available, although personally I can hardly see how Sony could have know at the time.The group, created by songwriter Damon Albarn and animator Jamie Howlett, have been making some of the most eccentric, unpredictable songs of the 2000s, with hits like “Feel Good Inc.” (2001), “Clint Eastwood” (2001), and “On Melancholy Hill” (2010) among several others.