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During Tuesday night's press conference, Mina discussed Loyd's "resisting" even further. "And we do an investigation into that any time we use any type of force so it’s premature to talk about the exact nature of the force used and the circumstances surrounding it, but we’ll investigate that use of force just like we investigate any use of force." The only problem is, there's conflicting reports from authorities of how exactly Loyd resisted.Mina says there was enough resistance from Loyd to issue force. Plays and playwrights risk being annexed or 'ghetto-ised' when given a superficial monolithic focus." Writernet adds: "This problem was reflected in number of papers from all over the world, which primarily explored the works of Sarah Kane and Mark Ravenhill through theoretical lenses of postmodernism, metaphysical theatre, Artaud's theatre of cruelty, and Lacan. In essence, it disrupts the artistic integrity through preconceived notions of a play because of a simplified label.Don’t trust some store-bought dressing with hidden ingredients, make your own shit. #itsbeen Don’t spend your Memorial Day weekend letting your creepy uncle serve limp hot dogs and hockey puck hamburgers.Instead, whip up a batch of BBQ Bean Sliders with Celery Seed Slaw from our book TK2: Party Grub (LINK) and show people you’ve got some goddamn standards. Here’s the recipe for the grilled corn AKA elotes because we can’t just leave you hanging like that. Once upon a time, some motherfuckers were all, “We like cake and milk, but who has the time for both?

At this point, what happened after Loyd put his guns down Tuesday night, to when he arrived at Orlando Police Headquarters is vague at best, and we should be asking questions about the situation surrounding his bloody face.

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In-yer-face theatre describes a style of drama that emerged in Great Britain in the 1990s.

(Nexis) D1 Pipkin was the epitome of the ‘hot dog’, interested only in a personal, in-your-face confrontation with the defender of the moment. ’ Apparently, it is an abbreviation of ‘In your face, Ace! No words that even hint at inner lives, no friendships except as opportunities for sexual competition and betrayal, no interests or passions or feelings, as if the man were the cock, the cock the man, the woman the cunt, the cunt the woman, and the only purpose in life to ram cock into cunt, jam cunt over cock .... David Eldridge, in the opening address, saw many of the plays from the period as a direct response from 'Thatcher’s Children' – the generation who had grown up in a period in which the British Left seemed fractured and directionless, the Cold War escalated and free market economics brutally re-shaped our society and culture.

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